Our premium products are selected with extreme care and imported from well-established brands including MARIA GALLAND, LABORATOIRES FILORGA and JYUNKA from France.

Responsive Table
 Maria Galland Face Treatment Duration Price
Aromatic Touch 45-min $98
Aroma Beauty Touch 60-min $128
Cocoon Mask
Pureness 75-min $168
Beauty Collagen 75-min $188
Tenderness 75-min
Modeling Mask 75-min $248
Thalasso 75-min $268
Mille Luxury line
90-min $288
Soin Infiniblanc
90-min $328
Dermatologic Syste 90-min $298
Responsive Table
 Guinot Face Treatment Duration Price
Hydradermie Lift Eye 30-min $88
Hydradermie Lift Neck 30-min $88
Hydradermie Instant Lift
30-min $128
Hydradermie Lift 80-min $228
Hydradermie Treatment 80-min $228
Hydradermie Hydra-Plus
Hydradermie Hydra-Plus-Lift - Deluxe 100-min
Responsive Table
 Eye & Lip & Neck Care Duration Price
Lip Smoother 20-min $48
Relaxing Eye 20-min $78
Relaxing Neck
20-min $78
Perfect Eye 30-min $118
Modelling Eye Zone Mask 30-min $128
Responsive Table
 Body Treatment Duration Price
Back Exfoliation Mask Treatment 45-min $118
Aroma Sea Salt Grow 45-min $138
Galaxy Detox Wrap
60-min $168
Seaweed Body Wrap 60-min $168
Modeling Mask Tummy 45-min $168
Responsive Table
 Grooming Care Duration Price
Eyebrow Trimming 10-min $12
Eyebrow Shaping 15-min $18
Eyebrow Waxing 15-min
Eyebrow Waxing with Shaping 30-min $40
Upper Lip Waxing 10-min $18
Jaw & Chin Waxing 15-min
Underarm Waxing 15-min $28
U Spa White 45-min $88
Bikini Waxing 20-min $38
Half Arm Waxing 20-min $30
Full Arm Waxing 30-min $60
Half Leg Waxing 30-min $40
Full Leg Waxing 45-min $70
Signature Brazilian Waxing 30-min $78
B Spa White 45-min $128
Responsive Table
Candling Therapy Duration Price
Relaxing Ear Candle 20-min $48
Bio Sun Ear Candle Detox Treatment 30-min $78
Bio Sun Ear Candle Detox Facial Treatment
60-min $168
Detox Naval Candle 20-min $48
Coutour Naval Treatment 60-min $168
Responsive Table
 Nails Treatment Duration Price
Little Princess - for Children Age 9 & Below Only:    
Little Princess Manicure 10-min $6
Little Princess Pedicure 10-min $8
Little Princess Set 20-min $12
Princess - for Children Age 10 to 13 Only:  
Princess Medicure 10-min $8
Princess Pedicure 10-min $10
Princess Set 30-min $16
Express Manicure 15-min $12
Express Pedicure 15-min $16
Express Set 30-min $25
Classic Manicure 30-min $28
Classic Pedicure 45-min $38
Classic Set 75-min $63
Responsive Table
 Nails Treatment Duration Price
Spa Manicure 45-min $48
Spa Pedicure 60-min $58
Spa Set 100-min $98
Paraffin Treatment For Hands 20-min $30
Paraffin Treatment For Feet 20-min $38
Paraffin Treatment Set 30-min $60
Callus Sole Care 30-min $38
Ultimate Callus Sole Care 60-min $78
Responsive Table
 Nails Treatment - Soak-Off Gelish Duration Price
Soak-Off Gelish - Manicure 45-min $48
Soak-Off Gelish - Pedicure 60-min $68
Soak-Off Gelish Set 100-min $108
Soak-Off Gelish Additional Colour 10-min $20 Per Colour
2D / 3D Designs On Gelish 10-min From $5 Per Nail
Soak-Off Gelish Removal 20-min $20
Responsive Table
 Nails - Arts & Deco Duration Price
French 10-min $8 Full Set
Glitter French 10-min $10 Full Set
2D Nail Art 10-min $5 Per Nail
3D Nail Art 10-min $6 Per Nail
$8 Per Big Toe
Enhancements - From $1 Each