Our premium products are selected with extreme care and imported from well-established brands including MARIA GALLAND, LABORATOIRES FILORGA and JYUNKA from France.

MARIA GALLAND - HISTORY:  Following the tracks of beauty.

For more than 50 years, Maria Galland has been dedicated to a great task- harmonising inner and outer beauty. The French "grande dame", Maria Galland, considered the skin to be "a mosaic of the most diverse needs", which radiance should be preserved with "tailor-made beauty" – tailor-made to the individual needs.

MARIA GALLAND - CARE PORTFOLIO: Where beauty unfolds.

Maria Galland has today become a truly diverse brand of exceptional products containing superior essences. From decades of experience and sound research, exclusive and effective facial and body care
products have been developed, which are perfectly tailored to your requirements.

The right treatment programme is available for all skin types. Because Maria Galland is a philosophy of life that accompanies you every single day. It's a statement that says: "I am beautiful in my very own way. And I want to preserve this beauty."

LABORATOIRES FILORGA – The expert in anti-aging

Established in 1931, Laboratoires Filorga offers anti-aging products and treatment directly inspired by aesthetic medicine. First founded on its revolutionary cellular therapy based on the effects of the regeneration of live cells and cell metabolism, its line of products promotes youthfulness from within.

JYUNKA – “Pure Essence”, literally   

Jyunka, which means “pure essence” in Japanese, has over 25 years’ experience in the beauty industry and is a well-recognised name among skin doctors, aestheticians, beauticians and consumers alike. It recently launched its star product, Jyunka Miracle-Fluid, an effective science-based vitamin C serum that promotes rejuvenation, cell regeneration and regains flawless and youthful-looking complexion.

SilkPeelTM DermalInfusion™ – breakthrough in exfoliation and revitalisation

Beyond microdermabrasion, the breakthrough treatment combines non-invasive exfoliation with medical-grade diamond and deep delivery of skin-specific topical solution to stimulate new cell growth and revitalise your skin.